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    I wanted to update you on my meditation journey. I’ve been attending the beginner’s mindfulness and meta bahvna sessions at the Buddhist centre in east London regularly for some time now. In the initial few weeks, I seemed to be able to apply the effort needed and concentrate on my breathe, for the first time I focused in on the minute sensations of the inhale and exhale on my nostrils. At times I managed to stay still for so long, I no longer felt my body as it merged for a few moments in to nothingness and the surrounding. However, in the last few weeks it seems the beginners luck has worn off and I sit there achy and fidgety, unable to clear the mind of thoughts rather barricaded by them, ideas and fleeting inspiration. I leave the session rather itchy and frustrated wondering why I seem to be digressing rather than honing my practice. Is this normal? I hope this doesnt last for too much longer, though I understand that meditation is a come as you are practice. Not sure I’m feeling any benefits at the moment.



    Ryan P

    Yes, Jeza, this is totally normal! Your job is to keep going to your meditation session, whatever happens. It will be different every time, sometimes amazing, sometimes difficult. If you’re there, then you’re doing it right. Slowly it will improve. keep going!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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