Mia Olson
Mia Olson

Mia Olson teaches both Woodwinds and Yoga for Musicians classes at Berklee College.  Classes include various approaches to help with performance anxiety, meditation and how it can help with performing, choices and organising time.

“We’re basically trying to develop a stronger mind-body connection so that you can help take better care of yourself”

Chris Chavez

Chris Chavez is a global yoga teacher based in Istanbul, Turkey. He leads teacher trainings every year through the Chris Chavez School of Yoga and his graduates can be found in locations all over the world. He’s also a musician and the co-owner of Cihangir Yoga, Istanbul’s favourite center for Yoga

David Newman

David’s life took a dramatic change in direction when after graduating law school in 1992, he decided to open a yoga center in his hometown of Philadelphia. The center, Yoga on Main, was one of the first of its kind, and created a new awareness of Yoga in his community. Shortly thereafter, David, a lifelong musician, discovered an ancient form of healing chant music known as Kirtan and began to apply his musical gifts to this powerful practice and to share it with others.


The Piano-Yoga® holistic piano method, created by Russian Virtuoso pianist GéNIA, is based on a deep connection between the Russian Piano School and Yoga. Piano-Yoga® School welcomes beginner to advance pianists worldwide. We offer this piano technique through piano lessons, piano retreats, online tuition, sheet music and much more.

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Whole Musician

Whole Musician is a collective of five uniquely experienced flutists collaborating to offer unparalleled intensive retreats addressing the mental, physical, and musical demands placed on the 21st century performer.

Workshops include traditional masterclasses and lessons, as well as sessions on life coaching, instruction in yoga, fitness, the Feldenkrais® method, nutrition, the psychology of performing, stage fright, interpretation, finding and validating one’s individual voice, career management, and being a receptive and giving artist and listener.

Meg Griffith

Meg Griffith currently serves as Adjunct Professor of Flute at Texas Wesleyan and Southwestern Adventist Universities.  Outside of her work at the universities, she performs and teaches in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and works with the Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestra.

In addition, Griffith holds a 200-hour certification in Hatha and Ashtanga yogas which she incorporates into her musical and pedagogical life.  She offers Yoga for Musicians classes geared toward simplifying and solidifying the physical and mental practices of artists.  Her approach reflects our need for awareness, compassion, and love for ourselves and others, especially within our musical community.  She helps each individual build their personal foundation for calm and clear problem solving and full appreciation and focus on the moment, both within the asana itself and within musical workshops in connection with movement.

Patrick McAndrew

Patrick McAndrew is a yoga teacher, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. He teaches practical yoga to relieve pain and reduce stress. He is spiritual but not religious and believes there is a living effulgence in all beings. He shares his love of life through music and movement.

Michaela Stapleton

Michaela Stapleton trained as a classical saxophonist at the Royal College of Music, London and CRR in Paris. While juggling her studies at the RCM with professional gigs and many students of her own,  she established a regular yoga practice, and became fascinated by the similarities between the two disciplines.

Lu Jong Yoga for Musicians

During Lu Jong yoga practice, our concentration moves from “outside to inside”. Therefore, we shift our senses from the outside world to inside our bodies. We learn to feel ourselves, to listen to ourselves and to find the source of inexhaustible strength and our center.

For over 20 years, Eva Furrer has been performing as a flutist and freelance musician, and has been a member of Klangforum Wien for almost as long. Every year, she plays in up to 80 concerts and dedicates a large part of her working day to practice, preparation and rehearsals.

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