Tai Chi/Chi Kung

Joe Rea Phillips

Senior Artist Teacher of Guitar
Blair School of Music
Vanderbilt University
2400 Blakemore Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37212

Joe Rea Phillips teaches collegiate, pre-collegiate, and adult students in the guitar program at the Blair School of Music. He has also applied his many years of training in Chinese martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, and others to create a course at Vanderbilt called Tai Chi for Musicians. This course is designed to help musicians to prevent and even help in the healing process of musicians that suffer from overuse syndrome.


For nearly 30 years Kalichi has been one of Ireland’s most innovative arts practitioners. His integrated approach to working with dance, music and writing has received numerous awards from the Arts Council of Ireland. Kalichi has also been teaching Tai Chi for 30 years and is the author of Dance, Words & Soul.

Keith Davis

Head of Vocal Studies at the University of Southampton, and also a qualified Tai Chi instructor.

“Tai chi has proved an invaluable regimen for developing a Singer’s and Actor’s vocal breath support, as well as a device to help control performance anxiety. I pass on some of this knowledge to all the classical singers during the vocal warm-up section of the biweekly performance classes held in The Turner Sims Concert Hall on campus”

Steve Shulman

Steve Shulman has been a professional musician in New York City since 1974, after arriving in the area to attend Manhattan School of Music.  In 2007 he joined the faculty at Manhattanville College (in Westchester NY) as an adjunct instructor of T’ai Chi, teaching beginners classes to the students.