Sound Healing

The Naked Voice

In 1990, singer and voice teacher, Chloe Goodchild, founded The Naked Voice, as a unique method that explores the human voice as a source of individual and collective self-discovery, linking to the most profound levels of human wisdom.

“The Naked Voice is your original voice, fully-embodied, naturally-expressed, and free of self-consciousness. It is your authentic sound, as unique as your DNA or fingerprint”

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This Charity was established in 2004 to promote the ethical and compassionate, empowering and transformative power of the human voice across humanity, through the use of non-judgemental and contemplative and creative listening practices, self-inquiry, through the exploration of silent, spoken and sung voice. The focus of this dimension of The Naked Voice understanding is on underprivileged yet committed creative practitioners on low income, victims of trauma, abuse and war.

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